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Home / News / Cruise 5 to Spring Vale a Success
Home / News / Cruise 5 to Spring Vale a Success

Cruise 5 to Spring Vale a Success

Published 21:00 on 15 Jul 2021

Seasoned cruisers were joined by several Novices who used this cruise as part of their Improving Skills Course which the Club Organised. There was a good and timely departure from the beach at 10:35 (HW minus 3 hours). Wind initially as forecast at F2 from the south. However very soon after taking to the water the wind backed to the SE at force 3. This presented the fleet with a windward leg with, initially, a following tide.

The first group of four boats arrived after two and a half hours of sailing. The second batch of four arrived within 35 minutes of the first. This left one more which arrived 50 minutes after the first. With the tide so close to high water and the beach formed of fine sand, the boats were manhandled just above the water line, negating the use of rollers. Two boats within the fleet were unable to complete the passage and turned back to Seafarers. Photographs are available in the Gallery (here). A report can be found in the Cruise menu (here).

Last updated 12:58 on 30 July 2021

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