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The Seafarers Sailing Club is a small, friendly club formed to encourage the sport of dinghy sailing by the promotion of racing, cruising and training. The clubhouse is situated on the Solent between Hill Head and Lee-on-Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight. The Club has approximately 130 paying members. As the majority have "family" membership, the number of people entitled to use our facilities is over 200. There are over 100 boat spaces in the compound which is usually just sufficient to meet members' demands. See About SSC for more details.

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News and Events

From Tuesday 24 May – Club Tractor
The tractor is now available for use.

From Tuesday 24 May – RYA Start Sailing/Basic Skills (Level 1 & 2) Training – help welcome

Practical sessions for one of the Club’s main 2016 training courses take place between Tuesday 24th May and Sunday 5th June. Times are given in the Training Programme (here). Volunteers have already been rostered to cover duties such as patrol boat crew and tractor driver. However, extra hands are always welcome to help on the beach, make coffee or just to make the trainees, most of whom are new members, feel at home. Any queries, please contact David, the Chief Instructor .

Friday 27 May - Coffee Morning
Come to the clubhouse between 11am and midday to enjoy excellent company, including your silent, modest barista, as much freshly brewed filter coffee or tea as you can drink and as many biscuits as you can eat, all for a mere 50p.

Monday 30 May - Cruise 3
The provisional destination for Cruise 3 is “The Boat House” (previously known as “The Battery Inn”) Puckpool, Isle of Wight. Cruisers should meet at the Club at 9:00am to sail at 10:00am. High water is at 7:08pm. Any queries, contact Chad Kelly, your Cruising Secretary. See here for more information on the proposed destination.

Saturday 4 June 2016 – John & Mavis Trophy
This year, to minimise the duration of the “no race” interval, the programme includes a race that is open to all members on the final Saturday of Training Week. There will also be an opportunity for the trainees to race. Details will be published nearer the time. Racing will start at 2:30pm. Duty Crew is ‘B’. High water is at 11:14am.
Some of the trainees will benefit from having an experienced helm as crew. If you are an experienced helm and would be willing to crew for a trainee in their race on Saturday 4th June, please contact the Vice Commodore .

Saturday 4 June – End-of-Training-Week Barbecue from 5:30pm
Join the trainees for a fun family evening to mark the end of a successful week.
Hot barbecued food with salads, rolls and a delicious dessert.
Not just for trainees but for everyone
Bar open
£6.00 per Adult - £3.00 per Cadet - please book now via WebCollect
Closing date – Tuesday 31 May

From Tuesday 7 June/Saturday 11 June 2016 – Practice Sailing
Training and practice sailing sessions start again after Training Week. They are programmed as follows:
Tuesday Evenings from 7th June to 30th August - on the water 18.30 - 20.00

Saturday Mornings from 11th June to 29th October - on the water 10.00 – 12.00

These sessions are open to all and are intended to encourage a bit of practice, informal training or just a pootle about for fun. There will be a patrol boat on the water and the sessions will be subject to a minimum of three dinghies and a wind strength of F4 or below.
Coordinators, patrol boat crew and tractor drivers for each day will be identified in the “Training and Practice Sailing Diary”. A copy of this will be posted in the wetroom. If you would like to take over one of these roles, or help out on the beach or in the compound, please contact the Chief Instructor .
Please feel free to bring along your friends. Remember to sign them into the Guest Book. Also, advise them that any under the age of 18 will require a completed Parental Consent Form and any under the age of 11 must be supervised by a Parent/Guardian at all times.

Saturday 11 June - Craft Corner
On Saturday 11th June, Michaela Chandler will be running a session on making cards and purses. This will take place in the clubhouse from 2pm to 4pm. All are welcome. Snacks and drinks will be available; a donation of £2 would be appreciated.
The bar will be open from 4pm after racing and Craft Corner.

From Sunday 12 June - Ladies, Novices and Cadets 2016 Series

The LNC series comprises 8 races; the first race is scheduled for Sunday 12th June. With the supporting mentor scheme, this series provides an excellent opportunity for inexperienced helms to gain an introduction to racing.

Are you a lady, novice or cadet who would like a gentle introduction to racing and are available for (at least some of) the races in the LNC series?

Are you an experienced sailor that fancies doing something different . . . . like crewing for a lady, novice or cadet in the LNC series? You can pass on some knowledge, sail with someone different and have some fun ..

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored, please contact the Chief Instructor . He will try to match you up with someone. First come first served, so be quick; there is only a limited number of ‘Mentors’.

Sunday 12 June - Queen's Birthday Ploughman's Lunch from 12:30pm

A very recent addition to the Club social programme.

Help celebrate the Queen’s Special Official Birthday - and enjoy a Ploughman's Lunch from 12.30 when racing ends (first Ladies, Novices and Cadets Race of 2016 – see above).
Bar Open-All Welcome
£3.50 per Adult - £2.00 per Cadet - please book now via WebCollect
Closing date - Tuesday 7 June

Saturday 18 June – Ladies and Families Day
This will be a fun-filled day for all the family. Ladies and Cadets get to enjoy being pampered on and off the water by the menfolk.
It is little more than a month away and Justin is keen to hear from any male volunteers who would be willing to help with the sailing and/or catering.
If you would like to help, please contact the .


Patrol Boat Helms and Crew
All rostered patrol boat helms and crew and members with power boat qualifications should have received an individual email concerning recent damage to the propellers of our patrol boats. The associated photographs have been added to the Gallery.
If you have not received, or have mislaid, the email, contact Mike Burlingham (Communications Officer).

SSC Supported Charity
Skin Cancer Research Fund

Traditionally Seafarers selects a charity to support each year and for 2016 the choice is SCaRF, the Skin Cancer Research Fund. As sailors, we should all recognise the serious risk that the sun presents and take sensible precautions. A hat and sun block is a great starting point. Whether racing, cruising or training please include protection from the sun as a routine part of your preparation.

SCaRF’s key message is that it is normal to have moles and freckles on your bodies. Many are present from childhood and are brown. Moles tend to be raised, while freckles are flat. Very few of these will ever give any trouble. BUT sometimes moles and freckles can change, and if you notice any alteration you should ask your doctor’s advice. Most changes are harmless, but they may indicate the start of skin cancer and should be taken seriously, because early treatment offers the best chance of a cure.

Some moles are dangerous! You will find a donation box located on the bar with ‘toy’ moles, badges and more information available. We will look to target a number of events during the year to both raise money and more importantly awareness. Donations will be used by SCaRF to promote research into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer and malignant melanoma in particular.

Kevin Forder has kindly provided a useful download of an iCal file to import into many electronic calendars.
The file may be downloaded by clicking the link HERE
The iCal file will not reflect any changes to the programme since 15 Mar 2016 and the committee is not responsible for any programme errors contained within. If in doubt members are to consult the live programme as published on the website.

Visitors Book
All members are politely reminded that, if they bring guests into the Club for a social event or for sailing, the guests should be signed into the visitors book.