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Welcome to the Seafarers Sailing Club website.

Seafarers Sailing Club is a small, friendly club formed to encourage the sport of dinghy sailing by the provision of racing, cruising and training. The clubhouse is situated on the Solent between Hill Head and Lee-on-Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight. The Club has approximately 130 paying members. As the majority have "family" membership, the number of people entitled to use our facilities is over 200. There are over 100 boat spaces in the compound which is usually just sufficient to meet members' demands. See About SSC for more details.

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Forthcoming Events

SLOSHH Winter Series - 2019

For the fourth successive year a SLOSHH Winter Series has been arranged with our colleagues at Hill Head and Lee on the Solent sailing clubs. The scheduled dates and venues are as follows:
Saturday 26 January - HHSC - Start 13:30 - HW 15:22
Saturday 9 February - SSC - Start 13:00 - HW 14:01
Saturday 9 March - LoSSC - Start 13:00 - HW 13:08

The plan for each day is for two, back-to-back, average lap time, handicap races of approximately 50 minutes each.
Information about this series including the rules, eligibility, registration, briefing of competitors, the scoring system and prizes will be found in the Notice of Race. Information about the course, the start, the finish, recalls, etc will be found in the Sailing Instructions (SI). Hill Head Sailing Club will be publishing the SI for Race 1 in the next few days.
Volunteers will be required to run the race at Seafarers on Saturday 9th February. If you would be willing to help please contact Dee, the .

Saturday 9 February - Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Year of the Pig in a Chinese atmosphere. Enjoy a hot Chinese meal prepared by our resident volunteer chef, Adel Forder, plus a quiz.
£12 per person. Numbers limited to 30. Booking opens on WebCollect for members on 16th January. Guests may be added from 29th January. Deadline for booking is Tuesday 5th February.


IFA2 - Activity off Hill Head in 2019

Background: The IFA2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2) Project will connect the electricity systems of Great Britain and France using high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables from Normandy in France to Fareham. The HVDC will come ashore at Hill Head and connect to a converter station on Solent (Daedalus) Airport. High-voltage alternating current (HVAC) cables will then run from the converter station to the sea. They will be buried in the seabed to make a landfall at Brownwich then underground to a new substation at an existing National Grid site off Chilling Lane near Warsash. The diagram (left) illustrates the routes of the cables.
2018: You may recall that last summer the IFA2 Project surveyed the HVAC route then carried out boulder removal using vessels such as Solent Guardianand the construction barge Harry McGill. You may also recall that the movement of these vessels appeared somewhat random and that, on occasions, OODs had to use great initiative to set a course that did not conflict.
2019: The HVAC cables will be laid during the period mid May to end September. The non-propelled, cable-laying barge Ulisse will repeatedly move along the route from Daedalus (off The Shack) to Chilling. If you look closely at the chart (above left) you will see marked the path (working area) of the vessel and inner and outer corridors for laying the anchors. Ulisse's anchors will be laid progressively along these corridors and the vessel moved by tensioning and easing its anchor cables. In terms of collision avoidance, Ulisse (120m by 33m) will be clearly visible even to an aged Solo helm! The anchors and cables could be a navigation hazard but, we are assured, they will be well marked.
Watch this Space: We have been assured that this year's cable laying operations will be far more predictable than last year's activities. We have also been told that Solent users such as Seafarers will be kept well informed and effective channels of communication will be available. More information should be available before the season gets underway. OODs and DOODs will be updated at their briefing in March.
The Shack - customers of this popular local amenity may have noticed that work has started in Monks Hill Car Park. Although the Lee on Solent end of the car park will be closed off for some considerable time, we have been assured that there will always be access to The Shack.