Cruising at Seafarers Sailing Club

Welcome to cruising at Seafarers. Cruises have always been a popular element of the Club`s sailing programme. Many members prefer cruising to racing with the former's noncompetive nature and refreshment interlude. There are members who like to be involved in all aspect of sailing and do both. With so many interesting destinations available, Seafarers is perfectly situated for cruising. Most cruise destinations have somewhere to buy food and drink and provide a good view to enjoy whilst relaxing with your cruising companions.

A variety of boats are used for cruising. Larger dinghies such as Wayfarers, Wanderers, Laser Stratos`and the RS Venture are quite popular. However, smaller multi-crew boats such as the Enterprise, Vision and GP14 are used and single-handers such as Solos, Europes and Phantoms have taken part when the conditions have been suitable. It is usual for at least one of the boats to carry an outboard. The number of crew per boat will depend upon how many want to go and the weather. Safety is a major consideration and the decision on whether to cruise or not is largely dictated by the weather conditions. A buddy boat system is used to ensure that, if any boat gets into difficulty, there is another boat close by to provide assistance.

Before each cruise the person in charge (normally the Cruise Secretary or his nominated deputy) will:

The prudent cruiser would also ensure that:

For some people these things will be business as usual. For others, perhaps new to cruising, they may seem daunting. Do not be put off. Cruising is, potentially, a very enjoyable activity. Like any water sport, if carried out with a little common sense and planning, cruising can be hugely rewarding.

If you are interested in cruising and would like to know more, please contact Phill Borham the .

We hope to see you cruising soon.

The Cruising Programme can be found within Club's Programme of Events.