Each year the Commodore may choose to support a particular charity which is used, amongst other things, to give purpose to the Commodore's Challenge day.

Charities supported in the past have included Toe In The Water and Bart's Bash.

For 2017, as in 2016, the Commodore has nominated SCaRF (Skin Cancer Research Fund) as the Club's supported charity.

SSC Supported Charity for 2017
Skin Cancer Research Fund

Traditionally Seafarers selects a charity to support each year and for 2017 the Club has decided to continue to support SCaRF, the Skin Cancer Research Fund.

As sailors, we should all recognise the serious risk that the sun presents and take sensible precautions. A hat and sun block is a great starting point. Whether racing, cruising or training please include protection from the sun as a routine part of your preparation.

SCaRF’s key message is that it is normal to have moles and freckles on your bodies. Many are present from childhood and are brown. Moles tend to be raised, while freckles are flat. Very few of these will ever give any trouble. BUT sometimes moles and freckles can change, and if you notice any alteration you should ask your doctor’s advice. Most changes are harmless, but they may indicate the start of skin cancer and should be taken seriously, because early treatment offers the best chance of a cure.

Some moles are dangerous! You will find a donation box located on the bar with ‘toy’ moles, badges and more information available. We will look to target a number of events during the year to both raise money and more importantly awareness. Donations will be used by SCaRF to promote research into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer and malignant melanoma in particular.